Polestar Servicing

As a Volvo Authorised Repairer, we are able to look after your Polestar for you, from Servicing to Repairs. Our skilled Polestar team are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to take the best care of your car.

Polestar Optimisation

Take your Volvo car to a new level of excitement with Polestar Engineered Optimisation a quick and easy installation that gives you a more dynamic driving experience when you need it the most. The technology is not limited to the engine - the whole powertrain is enhanced. We focus on six crucial performance areas of the car. Combined, they deliver faster engine response, acceleration and corner control, providing you a more precise and balanced driving experience.

You can enjoy a 14-day trial in your car, just ask us for more details.

Price £745


*T&Cs Apply

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